Last Wednesday night at Young Life College we did an event called Pizza Olympics. I'm not sure where Pizza Olympics originated from, but it's always a home run. Over 60+ college students gathered to hang out, play games, and put on the first every Pizza Olympics.

The rules are simple, call three different pizza companies at the same time and order a large pizza. The pizza drivers don't know it but they are in a race against each other to see who gets there first. We had a ribbon and certificate for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Once the driver gets there, everyone gets quiet and when the door opens, everyone goes nuts. They form a line so the pizza driver is ushered up front to be interviewed, receive his trophy, and his arm is lifted in victory!  

The first and second place drivers were a little taken back (understandable), but nonetheless, enjoyed it. Then came the third place driver. A older gentleman that had a melancholy look on his face, but that quickly changed when he was hit with a burst of cheers from the 60+ college kids that were waiting. He didn't wait for his arm to be raised but threw it in the air and began high fiving every person along the way. You would have thought he just won American Idol season 65. We gave him his 3rd place trophy and he left with the biggest grin his face could possibly muster. 

That next day we received a email from Brian (3rd place Pizza guy) that gave us a glimpse into what happened in his heart on this seemingly routine pizza delivery. 
     "Never in my 4 years of delivering pizzas had I have such a delivery. I realize it was just a fun        
     game but you did much more."
     "What did your group do that was "much more"? You made me feel good and happy once again.    
     I've had some "low days" here recently."

We have included the full email (just click the picture) above if you want to read it. I promise it will make your day. 

I saw this as a reminder of the impact Young Life can have in someone's life. I don't know who Brian's YL leader was and how much work it took to get him to Frontier, but I bet it's a great story. I believe Brian saw Jesus in the people at Frontier, his YL leader, and in the experience itself. I often get caught up in trying to put into a formula what we do, but this was a welcomed reminder that LOVING people is what it's all about. To care for people without judgement or restrictions the way Jesus did and the way he has asked us to do. 

This is what we do in Young Life. We love kids for who they are no matter where they come from, color of their skin, or economic status. We just love them for who they are. 

Taylor Reyes
2/13/2013 05:33:45 am

J.D., you are the man. Miss yall.


6/7/2015 06:18:37 pm

They form a line so the pizza driver is ushered up front to be interviewed, receive his trophy, and his arm is lifted in victory!

8/23/2017 04:44:35 am

Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!


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