What does is take to start Junior High Young Life? 

   People who will give their lives away. 

You're looking at those people in the picture on the left. They are Kaci, Abby, Carlee, Kendra, Ellen, Chris, and Autry. Students at Oklahoma State that are not content knowing that there are kids at the Jr. High who don't know Jesus. They don't just want to "go through" their time at OSU, but want to invest their lives into something life changing, Christ centered, and eternal.....this is Young Life. 

They are my heroes, and I know that they will quickly become your's as well. These seven faithful college students spent their Friday night at a Junior High semi-formal this weekend. Yeah, you heard me right, a Junior High semi-formal on a Friday night! Why would they do this? What would motivate and drive them to help jr. high kids get ready for the dance, run the concession stand, and awkwardly encourage them to not dance so inappropriately? (Yeah it's awkward) 

ONE reason: They believe that Jr. High kids in Stillwater deserve to hear about Jesus and His great love for them. Any other reason would simply not make sense. 

In Isaiah 6 the Lord comes and takes away Isaiah's guilt and sin and then ask the question:
               "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" 

Isaiah, knowing the gift that God had just given him, naturally responds with:

                 "Here I am! Send me."

This is a moment that every Young Life leader shares with Isaiah. At one point in our lives, we realized the gift God gave us in his son Jesus, how much God loves us, and what that means for our lives now. When you know a love like this, it makes things like "giving up" a Friday night that much easier and we cannot help but talk about it.  It's a love we believe cannot be found anywhere else and for that reason, we believe our Jr. High friends deserve to hear about it.

These seven college kids are spending hours throughout the week befriending and caring for Jr. High kids, with the hopes of one day, in an authentic setting, getting to share about this great love that they have come to know. Would you join with me in praying for them and their pursuit of these kids. Would you write their name in your journal or bible and remember them? 

We need your prayers. We need your help. We need your financial assistance to make Jr. High Young Life a possibility. Be a part of what God is doing through Stillwater Jr. High Young Life. 

Be part of the story. 

I told you that they would become your heroes......

The voice for the heroes of Young Life Stillwater,

- Josh "JD" Dillender
  Area Director

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